Introducing the Fireweed Flower Cart!

I've ALWAYS wanted to have my own flower cart, ever since I was a kid and my mom sold flowers out of a cable car. I finally made that dream a reality, and I am so happy with the results!

So I wasn't actually planning on having a cart, but my neighbor was moving out and offered me his awesome garden cart! It got the wheels spinning in my head on how I could transform a garden cart into a flower cart. It's funny, because the day after he gave me this cart, Amazon Artisan called me and asked me if I had a flower cart I could bring to one of their events! I honestly busted my ass to get it ready for the Amazon event.

This is the cart my neighbor gave me. It's well made, but not very cute. So, I took the entire thing apart, sanded the heck out of it, painted it white, and even painted the rims of the tires white! So it sounds easy to DIY something like this, but I assure you, it was anything but. At least for me.

I always feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew when I am in the middle of a project like this. Pretty much like, WTH did I get myself into!? But, I have learned to take my time and be OK with it taking a while. In this case, it took a full week of working on it little by little.

I set it up in my backyard to wiggle out the kinks. I got a cute boho chic umbrella from Cost Plus, and a couple of boho rugs. The shelves came from Ikea and they fit perfectly in the cart! The topper was the custom neon sign that says Fireweed in my brand font. I ended up mounting this on white wood.

So the Amazon Artisan event didn't happen. Waaaaa! It was one of those things that if I had a finished cart I could have shown them, I might have booked the job. But I didn't. All I had was a vision in my head and paint under my nails. It seemed devastating at the time, BUT, I am SO glad I spent the time to put the cart together, because I booked it two weeks later at a posh fundraiser for Determined to Succeed in the Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. here it is at the fundraiser all loaded up with gorgeous flowers!!!

Everyone LOVED the flower cart, and I can honestly say it was the highlight of the event! Here are a few highlights from other vendors who attended the event:

Here's my mom Kathy helping me make bouquets at the event. I'd say we've come full circle, don't cha' think?

If you are interested in having me bring my cart to your next fundraiser or event, please email me! is my direct email. I will even come to you for free and give back 20% to qualifying fundraisers! Can't beat that!

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